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  • Local funds lead outflows from Russia
  • Russian retail sales grow while investments correct
  • Ukrainian industrial outputcontinues to nosedive in March
  • Ukrainian retail growthsignificantly decelerates in March
  • Eurasia Drilling Company puts 1Q14 behind it
  • Ferrexpo 1Q14 IMS: cash costs dive on weak hryvnia
  • Kcell 1Q14 preview: solid, but stock needs positive earnings surprise
  • M.Video Analyst Day: Industry Leadership Reinforced on Stalling Market
  • PhosAgro 4Q13 earnings distressed by one-off redundancy costs
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  • 18 April 2014, M.Video - Analyst Day: Industry Leadership Reinforced Amid Stalling Market
  • 18 April 2014, Fixed Income. Chart Book - Ruble Eurobonds and OFZ - April 18, 2014
  • 17 April 2014, LSR Group - 1Q14 Results: Simply Stellar


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