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Sberbank CIB wins three categories at national competition Deal of the Year


Sberbank CIB1 has captured awards in three categories at national competition Dealer of the Year: Best Derivatives Market Dealing 2014, Best Derivatives Market Dealer 2014 and Best ILM Dealer 2014. The competition has been held by the Moscow International Currency Association (MICA) since 2000 to determine the top professionals of the interbank lending market (ILM), derivatives market, foreign exchange market, and also includes the category Financial Institutions. The award ceremony was held on April 16 in Moscow.

Besides taking first place in the team category Best Derivatives Market Dealing 2014, Sberbank CIB won two individual categories: Denis Parov, Head of MM Group, Funding Products Desk, Global Markets Department, came first in the category Best ILM Dealer 2014; and Oleg Parfenov and Yuriy Kazimirov, Sales, FI and Derivatives Sales to Local Financial Institutions, Global Markets Department, took first and third place in the category Best Derivatives Market Dealer 2014, respectively.

“These Dealer of the Year awards are yet another logical acknowledgment of the highly professional work that our team performs on the derivatives market and the interbank lending market,” said Maxim Safonov, Head of Global Markets, Managing Director, Sberbank CIB. “As of the end of 2014 we held a 40.2% share of the Russian interbank lending market2. We are also a major player on the Russian foreign exchange market and offer the full range of classic products, including derivatives. There is potential for our global markets products and we are actively developing this business in order to meet all our clients’ needs and anticipate their interests.”

Last year Sberbank CIB took first place in the team category Best Derivatives Market Dealing 2013, third place in the category Best ILM Dealing 2013, and also second (Denis Parov) and third place (Oleg Parfenov) in the categories Best ILM Dealer 2013 and Best Forward Market Dealer 2013, respectively.

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The Corporate & Investment Banking Business (Sberbank CIB) was created as part of the integration of Sberbank of Russia and Troika Dialog. Sberbank CIB’s key areas of activity are corporate finance (including trade finance), the documentary business3, investment banking services, trade operations with securities, and private equity. Sberbank of Russia’s Corporate & Investment Banking Business provides integrated financial solutions and investment advisory services to its clients, which include major corporations, financial institutions, sovereign states and federal and sub-federal government bodies and organisations.

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1On the basis of CJSC “Sberbank CIB”
2According to MIACR statistics for 2014
3Banking products and services provided by Sberbank of Russia